FeedChief: Quick Custom RSS Feeds

Tired of trying to find all the best sites in a certain niche to subscribe to them and stay informed in your favourite RSS reader? Well FeedChief is working on covering that need. The idea is simply that you add some keywords, pick your language, and FeedChief generates an RSS feed for you to subscribe to covering your interests. It grabs information from blogs, search engines and other data sources.

I found out about this from one of my personal favourite blogs, Sarah in Tampa.

From the company’s site:

FeedChief is an easy to use online service where you can create RSS feeds related to your area of interest. Entering keywords matching your search criteria will allow FeedChief to collect from a large variety of sources and yield one single feed that contains news, videos, images and blogs.

Customizing the language of the feeds makes FeedChief unique. When choosing a different language, FeedChief will translate the results automatically for a richer reading experience.

While I am not a fan of automatic machine translated text, this is a nice addition to their service, as so many sites are only published in one language or another, and as an English only citizen of the world, I find it frustrating when I want to keep informed with places that don’t have a very strong English coverage. (If I had the time, and energy to learn more languages, I definitely would.)

The service could definitely use some refinements, but the idea is very interesting to me, and I am always shocked that Technorati doesn’t capitalize on something like this. I would love to subscribe to all the blogs that mention WordPress with a reasonably high authority on Technorati.