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Mentioned recently on Freelance Switch, Co-working is something I think about more and more as it gets closer to the due date of my first child. I live in a smallish city of only 35,000 people, but I realize the benefits that a small co-working space can offer me, if I am able to find a reasonable one.

Co-working space would allow me a small room, usually shared by others to get away from the distractions at home and get some work done. This space is dedicated to getting work done, and as such is better than sitting at a local Starbucks (of which there are none here), or the food court of the mall (where I am writing this now without WiFi).

Has anyone else tried co-working? I would love to find someone with some reviews of the idea before I continue moving forward on it.

I have a feeling that if I want to use a co-working space, I will have to be the person to set it up, find other freelancers and manage the whole endeavour, but sitting at home, despite currently having a bed room as an office, just isn’t enough separation between work and home life.

2 thoughts on “Co-Working Space

  1. JamieO

    I haven’t had any co-working environment experience (yet) but there is an amazing sounding place in Ottawa called The Code Factory which I am most excited to check out! Maybe inspiration for you if you do start your own environment.

  2. WTL

    I have this arrangement for working out of my local pub. I have a great relationship with them where I help out with any tech (which is admittedly quite rare), and I can hang out whenever. I have an isolated table in the front, which lets me see the world go by, talk with people, get work done, doesn’t really cost much, especially when compared to getting office space. Some of my self-employed friends will drop by and work at the same table as me.

    For people like us, getting out of our home office and seeing real humans from time to time can be hard, but is important.

    I have looked over the Code Factory’s site, and will go have a look at it when the location is finished (it sounds like it isn’t), but I think I will end up still working from my pub most of the time as its about 4x closer to my home.

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