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Promises and Living Up To Them

As a network backed blogger, I am under constant pressure to perform well beyond the average blogger, and especially because of my more technical background, I find myself as the only person able to step up with regard to certain tasks, which doubles my to-do list. The hardest problem I have is living up to the promises I make people.

With so much on the go, it seems like my list of things to do is never ending, and add to that my inability sometimes to properly prioritize, and you have a situation where I constantly am setting myself up to underperform in the eyes of someone.

Recently, a friend of mine questioned me on why I had time for “project x” and not his “project y”? Another person asked me why I hadn’t made any progress on another project. And I always find myself feeling like I am starting my week behind with regards to how much work I want to get done versus how much work I accomplish.

What I am quickly realizing is that I have to stop adding new projects to my plate, and I have to stop promising to get this, that and the other thing done for people. Between my full time job with Splashpress (that usually ends up being more than “full time”), this blog, and my wife, I really don’t have much time to enjoy myself.

If you are looking to become a full time blogger, my new advice which I will be shouting from the rooftops is to never promise more than you can deliver. In fact, take a lesson from Scotty from Star Trek. Always under promise and over deliver. Or more simply, give yourself extra breathing room, so you look amazing when you deliver before your own cut-off deadline.

I can’t tell you what it is like to constantly feel over worked, under appreciated and scatterbrained, living minute to minute on information overload and having some wonderful physical signs (chest pains) reminding you to slow down.

Originally posted on February 6, 2008 @ 3:11 pm

Scheduling Things In: Forgetting about Podcasts

So, I have only been a panel member on one of the five episodes of WordPress Weekly, a podcast being run by Jeffro of Jeffro2pt0. I have had every intention of being on more of them, but what ends up happening is on Friday night, I am busy doing other things, wrapping up my week, and I totally forget about calling in to the podcast.

The amusing part is that I usually remember about two hours too late.

This really brings home the issue I have with scheduling. From week to week my roles, responsibilities and hours change. I am pretty much always tied to a computer though. You would think that I would have an application set up to remind me of such upcoming events, but even if I did, I don’t think I am diligent or organized to constantly keep it up to date.

What’s a blogger like me to do? Maybe I should just get Jeffro to change the recording time to suit my needs? (Joking of course) What do you think?

Oh, and check out Episode 3 if you want to hear me giving out my opinion on a variety of WordPress related things.

Originally posted on February 12, 2008 @ 12:26 pm

Disconnect to Increase Productivity

So today, I decided to get away from home, and not go somewhere with Internet access. I didn’t want wi-fi. I didn’t want instant messaging. I opened all the reference material and wrote down a dozen ideas for articles before I left, and then went to the local mall and sat in the noisy, busy, uncomfortable food court.

I didn’t have access to the Internet, and I got more work done. Why is that?

Once I got to the food court, set up my laptop, and began writing, I realized. While it is noisy, there are no distractions. I don’t have a phone, no instant messages, no e-mail and no gaming consoles.

While it is uncomfortable, I know that the more work I get done, the sooner I can leave, and go back home to the comfort of my office.

While my battery ticks away, I know I am in a race against time, and so every bit of my attention, and energy is being poured into creating great content, organizing my thoughts, and ideas, and really getting some work done.

It feels great to disconnect, and just work without distraction. Highly recommended for a blogger having productivity issues.

Originally posted on January 25, 2008 @ 7:07 pm

Starting Your Own Business? 3 Musts Before Becoming Your Own Boss

Quitting your 9 to 5 job and venturing out to be your own boss can be exciting. Who doesn’t love the idea of only answering to yourself and pursuing your dreams? The truth is though that many new businesses fail simply because of lack of planning, lack of organization, and lack of basic business knowledge. You obviously want your new business to be a success, so here are 3 things that you need to take into consideration before becoming your own boss. Continue reading

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Tips For Marketing Your Products And Services

When it comes to business marketing you want to sometimes put your focus on something more singular, and not just on your company as a whole. Most of the marketing you do is likely to get your business name out, but when you have a new product or service that is launched or you want extra attention for, you will do some marketing that revolves strictly around that item.

Sometimes that focus is just what you need to increase product or service sales, or to get someone’s attention. Your business name is still getting out there, but you are also showing current and potential customers that you have something special that you want them to know about, and that it means enough to you to focus on, if only it for an ad or two.

Make A Specific Website For It

You can bet that the lawyers at Morelli Law Firm take on more than just talcum powder lawsuits, but in order to specify to victims that they are there to help for this specific need they have a website set up that is dedicated solely to this one need. You can do that as well, if you have a product or service that you want to bring direct attention to and not have lost in the shuffle of all of the others things your business offers.

Work With Social Media

You can start a page on Facebook for nearly anything. You can make videos and post them to YouTube. You can Instagram photos, Tweet about your day, and even create a board specifically for that one product or service on Pinterest. Do it!

People love social media, they love to review businesses on social media, and if you are advertising specific products and services in creative ways on social media they are going to get noticed. Cross promote from one social media outlet to others, as well. Make memes, create infographics, and do things that are shareable for the most views.

Create An Email And Texting Campaign

Email seems to go by the wayside more these days since social media seems to offer a more direct form of contact between business and customers, but it is still worth using when you can. Offer newsletters or email sign up for coupons. If you want to stick with the times, you can also do this with text blasts.

If people sign up through your website then you’ll know they want to receive these types of messages, but you still don’t want to overdo it. One email or text a week, or even one a month with a coupon, is plenty to peak their interest. Make those blasts about the products and services you want them to notice the most.

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