Voice of a Site is Not Always the Reality

There are a few people that I know of that publish material on their blogs, not because they are actually following their own advice, or truly telling the truth, but instead, they are attempting the widely known “fake it until you make it” credo that many bloggers attempt to use to hide their actual personality, lifestyle and advice.

You’ll see this all the time on “make money online” blogs where the author will attempt to sound like an expert, despite not having half a clue regarding making money online. You will see them talk about the success of a person, product, or service, mostly in hopes that you will sign up under their affiliate membership identification, earning them rewards of some sort, or pushing their co-ventures on you without disclosing their partnership in a project.

You are all being duped, day after day by assuming that even the experts you “know and love” are giving you the full truth. Most of the strategies that work really well are never talked about publicly to make sure there is a limited amount of competition.

Someone once said to me that you’ll never see a true affiliate marketing expert at a conference talking about affiliate marketing, as they are too busy earning money, and wouldn’t want to share their secrets for fear of having them negated in the marketplace.

Others have said that all information that people need to be successful online is out there, and freely available, but the more I read, understand and test myself, the more I realize that the information given out en masse is wrong and being used to trick an endless supply of people looking to turn their fortunes around into providing the fake voice from the blogosphere more money in their pockets.

Just because they say something is great, or look like they are doing well in a certain aspect of their business, doesn’t mean that it is the reality. Far more people will tell you to look at their left hand while they pull money from your wallet with their right.

9 thoughts on “Voice of a Site is Not Always the Reality

  1. bnpositive

    Good post David, I’ve wondered the same thing many times. I actually also wonder about a similar topic of SEO. If everyone continues to maximize their SEO, doesn’t everything continue to just evolve to the same general level of homeostasis in the search results?

  2. Jeffro2pt0

    I have always been against faking it till you make it. Trust is a very hard thing to build when it comes to blogging and it is extremely easy to lose. I’m one to believe that not all of the secrets that everyone uses are known to the public and they most likely never will be. You know, it’s like someone telling you to do a specific set of tasks and if you walk in their shoes, you’ll go down the same path of success. Well, it’s not true because that individual contains traits or unique talents that are only tied to them and their success and those are what can’t be given away, they can only be mastered in your own unique way.

  3. Andrew

    I’m afraid I assume that by default everyone is a liar if they stand to gain anything out of anyone. They have to prove to me they are not.

    If someone needs to sell me a book about making money then they are not good enough at it for the book to be worth buying.

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  5. Tom Lindstrom

    It´s not any wonder that 99% of the “hot internet marketing products” that come out are crap and there just to get the developer money, it is not even meant to solve a problem.However, there are legitimate and truthful information available but you need to find it and test different strategies until you find one that works for you.There is no magic pills.

  6. Ryan

    Say it aint so! I’ve been duped!

    No, seriously, there is an endless amount of pretenders out there. But are they all? Brogan? Rowse? Godin? I guess it depends on what you are looking to get from the sources. If you’re looking for writing tips, you will indeed get excellent writing tips from Copyblogger! But he does (I think) have some affiliation with the Thesis theme and the Teaching Sells course.

    So do we trust the “big” names? You make the point that “you’ll never see a true affiliate marketing expert at a conference talking about affiliate marketing.” I guess that is partly why those that I mentioned (& others) have so much free content, to build credibility. Does the fact that Chris Brogan makes money off of speaking diminish what he does on his blog?

    I think you are referring mostly to the pretenders out there but maybe you did intend to question the “bigs”, at least that’s where my thoughts went.

    Great post…made me think!

  7. tkada.com

    it happens in all short of businesses, and your post energies me to continue further with caution,
    pointing out : we should not be fake accepting whatever they offer.
    Thank you.

  8. Lindsay

    This is one of the reasons I only consider buying products from folks who have well-established blogs or podcasts and who I’ve been following for a while. If you’re full of B.S. and making up your experience, it’s hard to keep your story straight from month to month. 😉

  9. Ecommerce Help - Tyrone Shum

    Sad but true.

    Sometimes, some sites that post things about how to be sucessful in your blogging career and blah blah blah are fraud. I mean, since the blogging craze and the amount of money you can get is at reach, most people abuse the fact and talk about how to be like this and that when it fact, they really do not know what they are talking about!
    But that does not necessarily mean that all of those sites are fraud, some would stay close to the truth and even provide support for newbies.

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