Changes Happening: Please Standby

So, as you can see, this blog is sporting a fancy new design, and is now part of a new network of established blogs being brought together by Sarah Perez of SarahinTampa called Grand Effect. The name was mine, but I am more than happy to see it being used in such a great way.

I hope you will all join in welcoming the member sites of Grand Effect by checking out their sites, linked on the header banner.

Things will be continuing to change over the coming days and weeks as I merge the needs of my blog with the design that Elena, a great friend and amazing designer, created for this blog. A huge thanks to Design Disease.

I will have so much more on the network, the design, and many more new posts on blogging, problogging, networking, and WordPress in the coming weeks.

Thanks to everyone for their patience, and I hope you enjoy the new design and the features that will soon follow.

11 thoughts on “Changes Happening: Please Standby

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  2. Steven Finch

    Good idea on joining a network. It will hopefully allow you to push viewers in the direction of other good sites and get some traffic back in return.

    I like the new design. Not exactly the type of design i was expecting, but still tumbs up.

  3. WTL

    The new look is nice enough, but I find it a touch busy, compared to the previous version.

    So, there’s a benefit for forming up into a new blog network, I gather?

  4. garrett

    Liking the new look David! Nice and clean, easy to find stuff. Wouldn’t mind a more prominent search form though.

    Looking forward to seeing Grand Effect take off!

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