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Google All Set for its Online Shopping Service

Are you planning to start online business? Do you feel you can sell products on the internet better than putting up a physical store? Then this might be of great interest to you.

Adwords vs. adwords express

Google is at it again. This search giant will be launching its online shopping service very soon. Called Google Shopping Expresss, this will compete against Amazon Prime as well as other major e-commerce players such as Target, eBay Now, Get It Now and Best Buy.

For this new online shopping service, Google will be utilizing its Google Wallet and partner with shipping firm BufferBox. Bufferbox is a delivery service based in Canada.

Earlier reports have it that Google Express is aimed at providing users with a portal where they can search and find things to buy similar to Amazon and eBay. It will also offer a lower fee compared to Amazon Prime but as to subscription and partnership details, no information is yet available. Continue reading

Originally posted on March 8, 2013 @ 11:45 pm

Recipe Finder: Your Indispensable Kitchen Helper

Recipe Finder Home Page

Recipe Finder Home Page

Cooking is one of the most relaxing and fulfilling activities that you can engage in. Even those who do not have much cooking experience can gain a lot of benefits spending some time in the kitchen and enjoying the fruits of their labor. For some, cooking is a necessity, but this fact does not necessarily take away from the experience.

One thing is for sure – both the seasoned cook and the newbie has to have access to different recipes and ideas. Naturally, there is the adventure of coming up with your own recipes, but even the best cooks will tell you that inspiration also comes from existing dishes and recipes.

Speaking of inspiration, here is something that will give you some assistance in that area. The newest recipe site in town is here to serve as your most important helper in the kitchen. Recipe Finder is a new search engine that features a host of dishes that anyone can make at home. The advantage of Recipe Finder over other recipe sites is that it offers a collection of over a million recipes found online today. Recipe Finder crawls other recipe sites, doing away with the need of having to check individual sites over and over again. Consider it your one-stop recipe site! And with Recipe Finder regularly checking for new recipes, you are assured that you will always have something to new to discover.

Searching for recipes on Recipe Finder is as easy as pie. You only have to enter the names of recipes or keywords in the search bar. If you have stricter requirements, you can make your search more specific by identifying details such as ingredients (include or exclude them), calorie count, cook time, number of servings, and so on. Furthermore, you have two viewing options: text or images. If you want to get cooking immediately, the former option is perfect. If you want to choose recipes based on how the final product looks, then the latter is ace.

Recipe Finder can help you get organized. It has a built-in menu creator which you can use to plan meals. Whether you are preparing for a normal everyday meal or a special one, the menu feature can make the planning so much easier for you. And if you want to plan meals days or weeks in advance, the calendar function will serve you perfectly. Finally, if you like having printouts of your recipes, you simply have to press the print button on the recipe page.

Ready to start cooking? Visit Recipe Finder now!

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Blogger Burnout

So there is something I know fairly well, and it is called burnout. It is a condition where I pile on so much work that my life only resolves around work, and I don’t do anything else. This works for a little while, but eventually, any and all work seems like too much. My relationships suffer, and so does the quality of my work, and I eventually realize that I have taken on too much and begin to scale back.

You might have noticed that posting has been a little slow here, and that is because I am really trying to throw myself into doing work for everyone else. I have since contacted everyone I do freelance work for, and let them know that I just can’t keep it up. I have to focus on the company that pays my bills, and gives me a full time income: Splashpress Media.

Moving away from working on other projects will mean increased quality of work on their sites, as well as this one. Hopefully, you haven’t all left to find someone better to read.

Check out Devlounge, Blog Herald, Blogging Pro, and Forever Geek to read more articles by me.

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Branding David Premium Partners Launches

Recently, over on I have gone ahead and added a members-only area to the site where I will be working closely with 50 registered members on building up their business, making more money, and learning the ways of blog-fu.

Here are some details from the Premium Partners launch post:

I currently bill myself out at around $120 per hour, depending on the needs of the client, and so I have priced the members area aggressively at only $10 per month, or $120 per year. Those purchasing a full year in advance will also get an hour of consulting. That means, if you buy a minimum of one hour of consulting time, you also gain entry into the member area.

What do members get that normal readers of this blog do not?

  • Premium content similar to other things I’ve written here
  • Actionable information that can’t be found elsewhere
  • Tips, tricks and advice from me and other members
  • Information on tools that I use
  • Guides and techniques I won’t post anywhere else
  • Members only podcasts, videocasts, live Ustream video sessions and screencasts

It is already doing rather well as new members continue to sign up and get the help they want and need. The best part about getting in early is two fold. First off, you’ll get to help shape the content and get even more personal attention, and secondly, in February 2009, I will be raising the entry rates, and so those that join today will keep their current membership rates.

Come check out the Branding David Premium Partners area and if you don’t enjoy what you get out of it, then you can cancel at any time.

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Missing Comments: Moving Server

So over the weekend, while I was away, the site was moved from one server to another, and in doing so, it caused some posts and some comments to disappear, and thanks to some issues with WordPress, I haven’t been able to import them properly on the new host. I think that importing doesn’t work as well due to the post revisions saved in the database. Not sure if it is a known issue or not, but I hope to get it all sorted out soon. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t comment, please feel free to interact as normal, as the importing of comments and whatnot shouldn’t negatively effect any comments and whatnot from anyone else.

Originally posted on October 6, 2008 @ 3:38 pm