More Posting or Less?

I am looking to get some feedback from all of you on the posting amount on this blog. I can usually hash out a good three or four articles a day, but I am worried about overwhelming you all. Also, when I slow down, my posts tend to get longer, and then I am scared that my posts are too long for you all to read through.

So the question is, do you want me to post more, with shorter articles, or do you want me to post less, and get in longer tutorials and opinion pieces? There are options in the middle, and a comical option that I hope none of you will choose, but some of you will just to be a jerk.

3 thoughts on “More Posting or Less?

  1. mark

    I voted for 1-2 posts per day, but I would like to explain why.
    The reason is, when and if I miss a few days because of vacation or business or just plain forget to check the site, I don’t have to read 14 pages of posts to feel like I’m caught up again.

  2. David Peralty Post author

    Thanks for your comments guys. I will try to mix it up and keep it under 3 posts a day. I can definitely understand that it can get overwhelming, but I find it easy to post in spurts. I get in the zone sometimes and just want to publish as much as possible before it disappears. 🙂

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