WordPress Theme: Pro Profile 1.0

One thing I have been meaning to do, but haven’t recently is releasing more WordPress themes. This theme was designed and developed by Colour Light Studio for release here on Xfep.com.

It is a three column, widget ready theme with a really nice and simple look to it. One nice feature is the ability to allow users to select the colour set they feel comfortable with, and hopefully this will be something that all of you will take full advantage of in making new styles for the theme to be added to the set.

Pro Profile

I hope you will all check out the Pro Profile theme, and let me know what you think of it.

It is released under the Creative Commons Attribution License, with hope that you will keep the footer link on the theme.

To see a demo of what the theme is like, please check out the Pro Profile theme demo, and if you enjoy it, please download the Pro Profile theme.

If you are interested in the other theme I have released, check out the darker Crystal theme.

Update: The theme has been updated to version 1.1. The download link and demo have been updated, so feel free to click either to get the latest version. Check out the WordPress Theme: Pro Profile 1.1 post for details on what has changed.

16 thoughts on “WordPress Theme: Pro Profile 1.0

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  5. ia

    Hi, I noticed a little error in the theme. The code for the date is the_time('F j, o'); when it should be (presumably) the_time('F j, Y');. The date comes out as “April 11, o” instead of “April 11, 2008”. 🙂 Just thought I’d let you know since I used the theme. I feel like making a yellow stylesheet just for kicks!

    One more thing… the “description should be here” text could be replaced by the blog description code (bloginfo('description');) so that those who don’t want to tinker with the theme files shouldn’t have to get their hands dirty.

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  7. David

    Thanks a lot oft he time thing. I have fixed it in the new version and also added in the description thing. I didn’t check for those previously, as I had assumed they were done correctly. (oops)

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