WordPress Theme: Pro Profile 1.1

It has come to my attention that the Pro Profile theme needed some changes, and so I spent the last little while going over it and making sure everything is correct, tighter, and smarter.

Pro Profile 1.1 WordPress Theme

One of the many things that needed correcting was the date display. For some odd reason, it wasn’t showing the year, and so that is now fixed on every instance I could see of the error.

Also, the header should now properly deal with site titles that are long, and the description of the site should be pulled from whatever you have it set as in the WordPress administration panel.

If you have previously downloaded Pro Profile 1.0, I ask you to please download this version, or you’ll have to go seek out the small changes I made in nearly every file and change the “o” in the date call, to a capital “Y” instead. And add the <?php bloginfo(‘description’); ?> to the header.php file replacing the put your description here text.

Download Pro Profile 1.1.

I have also been starting to get requests from people to get the header Photoshop file so they can create custom designs easily on top of the Pro Profile structure, and so I am happy to announce that it is now available for you to download separately.

Download Pro Profile Header PSD.

If you find any other errors, or have theme related questions, please let me know on my contact page or in the comments below.