Why Write Anonymously or Under a Pseudonym

As a writer do you write anonymously? Or would you like to? What are the reasons for writing under another name or anonymously?

First, The author might want the public not to who he was. This might be because of the content or because of the time. There was a time when women had to use the name of a man just to publish their work. There are also male authors who use female names to mask who they are – for example when writ8ing Romance Literature.

There are of course other circumstances that fall under this league.

If it is a confession article or post that reveals what is happening in a company, within a group or inside a government agency then the reason the author remaining unknown is obvious: he does not want his cover blown or compromomise his safety. Although not a writer – the now famous Deep Throat of Woodward and Bernstein comes to mind.

The author might just want to keep his privacy.

Second, The author might want to distance himself from work. It could be different genres or it could be a test balloon when submitting works.

Third, Some do it as a precaution when they start to criticize or even attack an issue or even a person. There is a certain shield of protection when writing under a pseudonym. It emboldens the writer to write or say things he or she would normally write about. The repercussions are somewhat not felt.

But not anymore as can be seen in the case of Google, the model and the anonynmous blogger.

4 thoughts on “Why Write Anonymously or Under a Pseudonym

  1. Chris Peterson

    I empathize & understand your views. However, in my oinion few more points would have covered some other motivations for remaining hidden.
    1. Lack of any real authenticity on subject of the blog
    2. Lack of long term commitment
    3. Better utility from perspective of chosen niche
    4. More creativity possible in choosing new name
    5. Lack of confidence

    What do you think about these possibilities?

  2. Rob

    I run a website called Lettur that lets anyone generate beautiful web pages, totally anonymously, in seconds without the hassle of registering. Its worth checking out if you want to share your work anonymously!


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