Commenter Appreciation: November 2007

I can’t believe another month has already shot by, but thankfully, I have two more great people, from great sites that have been helping make eXtra for Every Publisher a great blog.

Check out previous Appreciation posts to see all the people that have been mentioned.

The two people I will be highlighting today own sites very similar in audience to my own. The first is Steven Snell of Vandelay Website Design and the second is Matthew Henrickson from Blog About Your Blog.

Steven Snell

I am a huge fan of the Vandelay Website Design Blog, and have been reading it for a while. Steven asked me at one point to help check over his blog, to make sure there were no other security holes, and I did my best to make sure it was safe. He even put up a thanks to me on his blog, something that was really great to see.

Since then we’ve been on great terms, and I have enjoyed every comment he has left on this blog. I hope he will stick around as his personality, and skill are just amazing.

Matthew Henrickson

I have never been a huge fan of Blog About Your Blog’s design, but the content is another story. Matthew has been one of the great participants in the comments here, and I couldn’t let that go unnoticed. If you are looking for another blog in a similar niche to this one, (though why would you need one, right?) check out Blog About Your Blog. In November, the blog made over $300, and while that isn’t an increase over October, it is still nearly three times what this blog made, an accomplishment to be sure.

The blog has been around for over a year now, so if you can’t find some great stuff in its archives, you weren’t looking.


Two more great people, with great sites. I hope you will all continue to contribute here, and I hope to see some new faces join the fight to have their comments noticed.

Thanks again to previous commenters. Check back next month for another installment of the Commenter Appreciation posts.

Originally posted on December 4, 2007 @ 11:28 pm

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