What Do I Expect from My Contest?

So, I have been asked more than once over the last few days what I hope to achieve from my Reader Interaction Contest, and so I wanted to address that here.

My only hope for the contest is that I get one entrant per prize listed. No more, no less. I hope that I have enough readers on this blog that would be willing to leave a comment or Twitter about the contest that I can give everything away without anything being left over, or anyone being sad that they didn’t win anything.

Do I expect to get a huge boost in rankings, back links, comments, new readers? Heck no! If that is what I wanted, I would have done the normal thing, and had people promote it heavily, got more people involved in making it this big deal, and went around to the contest blogs and got it listed.

This contest really is just for my friendly readers. So if you like this blog, leave a comment and you will be entered. So far, I think only half of the prizes have been accounted for.