Do You Have it In You?

I don’t think it’s any secret that people are absolutely fascinated with Reality TV. It seems like a new Reality show starts up every week that draws thousands of viewers who sit on their butt and watch someone else’s life flash across the screen.

Watchers vs Doers

Reality TV is usually based around people’s lives and offers some kind of a reward in exchange for taking part in the series. These people often put aside a career, a family life, school in exchange for the rewards that can come with taking part in one of these series.

Your average person would never in a million years consider going on a Reality TV show like say Survivor. I am sure they would justify it with any number of excuses but all of them would simply add up to the fact that they could not justify the risk, even though the reward was great.

Reality TV Winners often become millionaires and even move on to achieve minor celebrity status. On say Survivor you have to outlast approximately 20 other people in order to win a MILLION dollars! A 1 in 20 to win a million are GREAT odds, yet most people would prefer to play the lottery, where you have a better chance of being hit by lightning than winning.



Sadly the bottom line is that Reality TV is so popular with the general masses because they simply would never dream of making that leap. They aren’t willing to risk anything in order to be successful or achieve their dreams. They would rather sit on the couch and play it safe with that 9-5 job.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that if it makes them happy. The problem is that many are not happy with their situation and they continue to look for the magic answer, the silver bullet that will put them on the map and bring them the happiness and success that they long to achieve.

Interestingly enough I would suspect that most of these people are the types that buy e-books for 97 dollars or sign up for programs that promise instant, easy riches or that you can lose weight and eat anything you want. No matter what you hope to achieve, you can be sure that some sneaky marketer will be there to sell you a dream.

Rather than work for it, they would rather find “the secret” that can make it happen. You know what secret…the one that all of the Internet Marketers keep claiming to have found.


Watchers will almost always justify why they are a watcher or why they haven’t succeeded yet. What is worse is they will often let their jealousy take over and throw stones at those who have succeeded.

  • People who are fit and in shape are lucky to be “genetically blessed” even though they run 5 miles a day at dawn.
  • People who just bought the big house on the corner “come from money” even though they work 70 hours a week running their own business to earn that money.
  • People who graduate from Harvard must have “parents who are connected” even though they have spent their entire life studying and worked two jobs to put themselves through school.

Jealousy is ugly and it can turn an otherwise nice person into a shallow and repulsive individual. “Do”ers almost always deserve what they achieve because they took action. They put in the effort.

  • Instead of reading about building a blog they built a blog.
  • Instead of reading about losing weight, they joined the gym and started losing weight.
  • Instead of wishing they could go back to college and get a degree, they GO back to college and get the degree.

It doesn’t make them any better than anyone else, it just makes them different. Luck has NOTHING to do with it. They aren’t watching Reality TV, they ARE Reality TV except the star of the show is them.

They’re making things happen for themselves, not hoping to hit the lottery.


The good news is this, it’s never too late to get in the game. It requires nothing more than a decision on your part to get off the couch and take control of your life. It may not be making money online, it may not be going back to college but chances are there is something in your life you are looking to improve.

You can start today by auditioning for you own reality TV show. The audition is in your mirror this morning and the only question you have to answer to win the part is whether you want it badly enough to actually do something about it.

If you want to Make Money Online then start doing it, if you want to lose weight then start today, if you want to go back to school then get an application. It doesn’t matter what it is that you want to accomplish, the ONLY way you will do it is by taking the first step. You are guaranteed to fail if you never try.

To quote the great Michael Jordan…..”Do You Have it In You?”

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