Web Hosting Ratings

I had always wanted to create a site related to my experiences finding a web host. Doing something like Web Hosting Rating would have been really fun. I had even bought a domain, found a great partner to work with, but was sidetracked with everything else on my plate.

Web Hosting Rating looks like they are going to do everything I had original set out to do. The main thing that people are looking for beyond just the “who is the best?” are web hosting tutorials, tips and tricks, as well as the normal personal reviews by clients that have liked and disliked the service provided.

Despite not having many hosts within the directory yet, they have already set up a web hosting awards section, where they will hopefully continue to update which hosts are the absolute best for various specific needs as hosts change in service, price and quality.

Overall, I really enjoyed the article section the best, as it extends through many pages (thirty-two pages of web hosting artices to be exact). The biggest issue with it though is that they don’t interlink their articles very well, and seem to almost assume that you have read all of their previous posts, referencing topics they have discussed before. Without a link, I had to search for a few things, and that was a little frustrating.

In the end, directories like these will fail or succeed based on how may hosts they talk about, how trust worthy of a brand they can build up, and the secondary/extra features they employ. I think Web Hosting Ratings is on the right path by working so hard on an article section which after reading, could easily be turned into some compiled e-book guides on various levels of hosting.

I currently use a Managed VPS, and would love to know more about the industry, equipment needed, staff experience and requirements per server, and whatnot as those types of things really interest me.

I really hope the owners do a great job with this, as I believe that there is no such thing as a niche that is over saturated. If you have passion to succeed, it doesn’t matter the topic.