More of Me Podcasting: TechCanuck Episode 15

James Cogan and I have come together to record another TechCanuck podcast, and this one was a lot of fun. If you are interested in two Canadians talking about technology, web 2.0 and other subjects, this is definitely the episode I would recommend checking out.

Talking Points
a) Facebook terminates Robert Scoble’s account and it’s World War III in the blogosphere. Is Facebook’s desire to keep your data on Facebook justified, reasonable, necessary or is it not playing fair in the game of Web 2.0 where data is free-flowing and off-site mashups are the norm?

b) The blogosphere is all atwitter over Twitter’s business model or lack of one. Does it have one? Does Twitter need one right now?

c) New Year’s predictions – Internet advertising slowdown? Blogging jumped the shark? Google a content producer? We discuss.

One of the things that James and I talked about is the fact that blogging will continue to change this year, and it might not be for the better. Check out my Blogging in 2008: Time to Worry? post for a few more details on the issues facing blogging.

Right now James and I have been good about keeping up a one podcast per month schedule, which we are hoping to increase to two a month, but it all depends on our workloads. A big thanks to James for continuing to take the bigger burden with all the producing, editing and publishing of the episodes we record.

If you haven’t subscribed to keep up to date on the TechCanuck podcast, you might want to sign up, as we will continue to bring some great content, and strong opinions.