More of Me Podcasting: WordPress Weekly Episode 16

Last night, after mowing the lawn, I remembered that I wanted to jump on Skype to listen live to the new episode of the WordPress Weekly podcast, and is sometimes the case, I was also able to participate. WordPress Weekly Episode 16 was a lot of fun to participate in, and I think went really well.

From the show notes:

This week on WordPress Weekly, it was open mic week. However, it didn’t work out as I imagined and thankfully, I had a list of news items to use as a backup plan. It also helped that a couple of regulars who had some free time on their hand showed up to participate in the show. After letting listeners know about the renewal of the domain for two years, I dove into some feedback that I had received from listeners of the show. After that, introductions were made and then we dove into the news. This panel made one hell of a good show.

One thing that amused me about this and many past episodes is that Charles Stricklin showed up and participated. If he shows up on many more episodes of WordPress Weekly, people are going to start to wonder which podcast is his, though I have to say that it is great to hear him on any/every WordPress related podcast.

Also, for those of you that follow Matt Mullenweg around, I am sure you will be excited to know that in an upcoming episode of WordPress Weekly, Matt will be making an appearance, so keep checking out Jeffro2pt0 for more details.

Thanks again to Jeff, and if you are interested in listening live, or participating, episodes are recorded every Friday night at 9pm EST.