I Don’t Work For Myself

So many people assume that when they get to become a full time blogger, podcaster, or video podcaster that they will be working for themselves, but I feel like that is a rarity, and not how it works for a large group of people, including myself.

I have never been one hundred percent self sufficient when it comes to earning a living online. At various points, I have worked towards that goal, but have never made it to working on my own projects full time and making a sustainable full time income from it.

Most of the money that I have made over the last three years have come from my commitment to various companies to product content, manage WordPress blogs, convert xhtml/css into WordPress themes, and more.

If you assume that you will build a blog, by yourself, that will make you a full time income, you might be sorely mistaken. Besides, there are many great opportunities out there to work for someone else, and still build yourself a great personal brand, and keep a roof over your head.