20 Essential Tips for Telecommuting Success

There is a reason lists are so popular online. They give a vast amount of information in an easy to digest format, and Freelance Switch’s tips for telecommuting success is no exception. They list some great tips that will help you succeed in any telecommuting job, including problogging.

Here are two of the ones I really liked:

Find your zone. Most people have a time of day when they’re most productive, when they can really crank out the work. Find your zone, and make the most of it. Don’t schedule trivial tasks during this time, but the most important tasks of your day.

Communicate. Whether you’re a regular employee working from home, or a freelancer working on a contract basis, you need to communicate with those you’re working with. That includes communicating what you’re working on, the progress you’re making, what you’ve achieved, any issues that need to be resolved, and anything that needs to be followed up on. Keep that communication regular, so you can’t be accused of not doing your work.

My most productive time actually shifts, sometimes I can get an amazing amount done first thing in the morning, while other times, I am only productive late in the evening, so don’t feel bad if finding your zone is difficult.

As for communication, I find this to be difficult to do, but very helpful. Communicating takes time, energy, focus, but making sure that everyone you work for, or with, knows what is going on, can help a project move faster, and keeps things organized.

Check out Freelance Switch’s full list.