22 Places to Find Blogging Jobs

Over on Performancing, there is a great post up with twenty-two places you can find blogging jobs, from job boards, craigslist, and blog networks that are always looking for talent.

Here is a bit from the article:

Out of all the email I receive on a daily basis, where to find blogging jobs is the question I’m asked the most. The fact is, there are tons of places to find them online. Some, we all know about, others are a little less well-known. Chances are, if you’re looking for work as a problogger, the ad will be listed on one of these boards.

Check out the list, and feel free to comment here or there on places that should have been added. Also, let me know if you think the community needs a new, better blog related job board. I have the domain, the software, and I would love to connect people to the blogging, design, or development job of their dreams.