Blog Advertising Audit

Darren Rowse, of, has written a post as part of his 31 Days to a Better Blog project, in which he recommends that we all take some time and look over the advertising on our blog. You might find that you could be making much more money using a different advertiser or even just position advertisements differently.

A snippet from his post:

Pick one aspect of your blog’s ads to change and watch what happens to your ads performance once you have. I did this last week and increased the ad unit size of my AdSense ads on this blog from 300 x 250 to 336 x 280 and saw a jump in CTR without losing much in the way of readability. It’d been a year since I tweaked those ad sizes – just think about how much money I’ve lost in that time!

This is something that I try to do on all of my blogs every two or three months. People can quickly become blind to the advertisements on your blog, and so just changing the position, size or colours of those ads can increase their click through rate for a period of time.

Some people worry about moving things around and lowering the money they make, but as long as you make a backup of the files you are changing before you change them, you can always revert back to the way it was previously.

Advertising online is a tricky business, but with some time, experimentation, and research, there is no reason why any blog couldn’t make a bit more every month.

Originally posted on February 1, 2010 @ 10:27 pm

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