Guest Blogging to Grow Your Own Blog

Over on North x East, there is a great post up that talks about the power of guest blogging. I became a problogger thanks to my guest blogging on Darren Rowse’s Laptop blog over two years ago when he went on vacation, so I consider myself a testament to how powerful guest blogging can be.

From the article:

When I first started Zen Habits, I faced this challenge, just like everyone else does. “I’m writing great stuff,” I would say to myself, “but no one is reading it. What do I do?”

I tried guest blogging, and it paid off big time. I now regrettably have to turn down requests to write guest posts elsewhere, just because I’m so busy writing. I wish I didn’t have to, because every time I do, I miss an opportunity, but there’s no question that guest blogging has been a major part of my success.

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