How To Blog Like Dumb Little Man

A blog I really enjoy, Dumb Little Man, has posted how he blogs, including his daily routine. For a blogger that maintains a full time job, I have to admit, I am quite jealous of how far he has come, but his daily schedule is a bit more than I could handle. Four hours of sleep just isn’t enough for this blogger.

Here is a snippet from his post:

Do it right: Choose a topic that you are seriously in love with. I love saving time and money and obviously that is what Dumb Little Man is all about. When I write, the ideas flow without much thought. If you goal is to make money, you should still choose something you love and not what pays the most in advertising. If you choose something based on money, your writing will suffer and you will subsequently get no visitors. Guess what…no visitors = no advertisers = no money.

Check out his full post over at Dumb Little Man.