Tips for Public Speaking: Useful in Blogging as Well

I found a huge list of tips for public speaking, and what I quickly realized is that many of them would be great for bloggers, video bloggers, and podcasters. As we continue to develop our skills, tips like these become more relevant and more useful, and so I thought I would point it out.

Here are just the first ten from a list of two hundred and fifty.

  • Audience always comes first, ask yourself “How can they benefit from listening to me?”
  • Remember, it’s never about you!
  • Stage time, Stage time, Stage time.
  • Humor is greatly appreciated by your audience. Have you ever hear someone complain “This guy is way too funny!”?
  • Never try to wing a speech – your audience will know it.
  • Most people seek validation and not education – don’t be like most people.
  • If you want to be twice as good in 70 days, do a self evaluation after every speech or presentation.
  • We all bomb – get over it.
  • More importantly, learn how you can get better the next time.
  • Don’t ever imagine your audience naked. Unless you are a pervert who gets your high on seeing naked bodies.

Check out the rest of the list from the Public Speaking Blog, and let me know which ones you find that are relevant to bloggers, as I am curious to see if you’ve noticed the same ones as I have.