Will The Google Bashers Please Shut Up?

A good friend of mine, Ahmed Bilal, has put up a post on Performancing asking Google bashers to stop complaining.

I really enjoyed how direct he was, and so I thought I would share the article here:

You can’t pass a day in the blogging / SEO / make money online niche without hearing someone complain about Google. For some it’s about getting shafted by the search ranking algorithm, for others it’s a tiff over things such as the no-follow debate and paid links mess, and still others who have a deep-rooted mistrust for all things Google because of Google’s increasing influence over the web.

Here’s the hard reality – at least ONE of your top-ranked sites will eventually suffer either through a hand-job or because of some quirk in the algorithm. You WILL get screwed over by Google and your rankings WILL drop. It’s how the game goes – if you cannot control 100% of your ranking factors (and you cannot), then you are not 100% safe. There is ALWAYS a risk with Google or with any other vehicle that you depend on to earn your livelihood.

He then goes on to giving some tips on how you can avoid this eventuality, but I think he said it best in his first two paragraphs.