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Two Techniques That Help You Embrace Brevity

Copyblogger’s Muhammad Saleem, has put up a great post on how you can reword sentences and remove extraneous words in order to shorten posts, and since pretty much everyone that reads blogs has no attention span, this should be required reading.

Is it worth the extra effort to ruthlessly edit? Well, if we take the time to omit needless words, sentences and paragraphs from an article or landing page, we communicate more concepts in less time and space. The point of brevity is not to say less, it’s to say what needs to be said effectively and concisely.

Editing, cutting out words, or even rewording sentences to reduce their length is something I still have to work on, but it is nice to see some easy to understand guides being written on the issue

Originally posted on September 30, 2010 @ 10:48 am