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Making Passive Income

Freelance Switch has released “A Guide to Making Passive Income” on their NotByTheHour.com domain. It is separated into four parts, with each part tackling a different thing that people can do to generate an income without any long term work. Things like selling stock photos, writing a book, selling subscriptions, and creating content sites.

From the site:

Getting paid by the hour is pretty neat, but it’s even better when you have income that comes in when you?re taking time off too! Freelancers are uniquely positioned to be able to spend time creating sources of passive income while still getting their main money earning work done.

Streams of passive income can take a bit of work to get started, some even take a little work to maintain, however they are well worth it. Having a steady source of income is particularly useful for a freelancer as it helps mitigate risk and balance out some of the ups and downs of freelancing. Besides who doesn’t want a source of income that keeps generating with or without your input!

The guide’s website is beautiful, and the information, while a bit basic in parts, is really well written. They also give some example websites that can help you on your passive income journey over on the right hand side of the page. Pretty much everyone will find at least one page useful, and worthy of bookmarking.

Originally posted on September 14, 2010 @ 10:41 pm