Million Dollar Wiki For Sale

Wow, in a move that totally shocks me, the owners of the Million Dollar Wiki, one of the first money making Wiki sites, that even John Chow promoted is for sale.

The site has grossed over $100,000, and has had thousands of pages added to it for $100 USD per page. The owners are no handing it over to someone else because they can’t figure out a new way to market it to the masses, and continue to accrue their fortune.

This whole thing makes me a little sad, as a change of ownership almost always means a decrease in popularity, traffic and the other positive factors created by the original owners. And despite the sellers saying that the site must remain live until 2022, I doubt the new owners will necessarily honour everything the previous owners put forth.

Currently, the bid sites at $10,000, and has ceased to continue to climb, after an initial rush of bids.

I am one of the many people that own a page on the Million Dollar Wiki, and earlier in its higher popularity days, it drove a fair bit of traffic to this site, now it gives me nothing, and with this sale, I wish I could just get my $100 investment back.

Update: See what I would do with the Million Dollar Wiki.