Xfep Podcast: Episode 15


Today, I talk a little about the history of this blog, reminding everyone to pursue their passions, no matter how crowded a subject may seem.

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Show Notes

0:29 – Why I Started Xfep.com

  • Lack of support from friends
  • Unique perspective on blogging

1:39 – Xfep’s Ranking

  • 45n5.com/top100
  • Started at 120 of 150
  • Getting into the Top 100
  • Currently at 17

2:21 – Niche Saturation is Irrelivant

  • If you can put your personal twist on it, you can be successful
  • Build a brand
  • It isn’t easy though

3:23 – Getting Noticed

  • Don’t let anyone tell you its impossible to rank well in a niche
  • Share your passions

3:50 – Wrap-up

Intro and Exit Music

Wired for Loud by David Henderson, found via PodsafeAudio

4 thoughts on “Xfep Podcast: Episode 15

  1. Jeffro2pt0

    Hey David, is there a way for me to subscribe to your podcasts in Itunes? If not, what other ways could I use to subscribed to these audio shows you are doing?

  2. David

    Hi Jeff – I don’t have it set up in iTunes yet, but there is an RSS feed link at the top of each podcast post that you can subscribe to that will keep you in the loop on when I release new episodes.

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