Alexa Rank Frustrations

I really wish I understood exactly what went into creating a better Alexa rank. Yes, I want to manipulate my rank, but in what is considered a “white hat” way by attracting the type of traffic that naturally increases my rank.

Why is this important to me? Well, I was as high as seventh in the a top list, and now have dropped to tenth thanks to the continual fight I am having to try to increase my Alexa rank.

There are competing blogs in the list that have a much lower Alexa rank than me, with similar or lower monthly traffic. Could they be manipulating their rank in “bad” ways? I am not sure, but it sure is frustrating as having as many ranks as high as possible helps make it easier to sell advertising, despite Alexa not being considered the most accurate ranking system.

Are there any new techniques, since Alexa changed their data sources, relating to increasing your rank in a non-technology niche?

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8 thoughts on “Alexa Rank Frustrations

  1. Kevin Muldoon

    I’m actually really surprised you feel this way. In my opinion Alexa is the last thing any blogger, infact any webmaster, should be worrying about.

    The 45n5 top 100 is a nice handy list for referencing making money type blogs but again, getting higher in the list shouldn’t be anyones priority. By the looks of it the top 100 list relies heavily on the Alexa score. This is why BloggingTips is currently higher than DailyBlogTips even though it has 10,000 more subscribers. This is why blueverse is placed 4th with less than a thousand subscribers and is one place higher than doshdosh, which has 20,000 subscribers.

    Perhaps this best illustrates how unreliable it is. Perhaps Alexa is a good sign of traffic levels however it isn’t a good indication of the success of a site and that is what the top list is about.

    Technorati can be gamed pretty easily by getting more incoming links and using linkbait etc however presently that seems like a more reliable factor in this list.

    I know you mentioned that advertisers may find your site through the top list but I still strongly believe it’s not something you or any other blogger should be concerned about.


  2. Anonymous

    @masaka; you wanna “hack alexa”? *lol* good luck

    i think if your page has a interresting content and the peopes visit it again and again

    you must not be worried about your alexa ranking

  3. jamirdesign

    Well, I would like to agree to Kevin. Just one question though, did you guys try the “linkbait”, is that good?

    @Arno: Try to make and have friends in such social networking site and interact with them.

    @David: You had a great site/blog here and I think you don’t need to worry about it.

    Keep it up!


  4. coder080208

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