Guilt-Free Home-Office Purchases

Recently, when I went to the b5media offices in Toronto, I noticed their huge affinity for the whiteboard, and it reminded me of how other bloggers and small business people I’ve been around have also been huge fans of the whiteboard, so I wasn’t surprised when I saw it on Freelance Switch’s list of guilt-free home-office purchases.

Other things on the list that I still need to pick up include:

  • nice LCD monitor
  • another nice LCD monitor
  • an ergonomic chair

There are other great suggestions in the list, but I have a fair number of them. Unfortunately my purchases are never guilt-free.

One thought on “Guilt-Free Home-Office Purchases

  1. Tony

    Once you get the White Board you may just have your first Guilt Free purchase.

    Doing your first brain dump onto your new white board will bring a giant grin to your face I guarantee.

    It is amazing what putting your thoughts and outlining processes on a white board does for your clarity and prospective.

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