Traffic Update: Huge Numbers

So to start off the year right, I was hoping that January would be a banner month for this blog, and I couldn’t have been more right. A post that I had written that is not really suitable for work got some serious traffic due to a news announcement being released about the subject of the post. I know that sounds pretty cryptic, but nevertheless it helped me get over 17,000 unique visitors in a week. Meaning that in the first week of January, this blog received more traffic than all of November, and more than half of December.

Here’s hoping for continued success. And thanks again to Ryan for getting me to write up that article.

3 thoughts on “Traffic Update: Huge Numbers

  1. David

    Well, I wish that were the case, but because the majority of the traffic is only coming to look for something I don’t have, namely adult content, they quickly pick a link in the post and leave.

    It has meant increase revenue via AdSense, and a few more RSS readers, but as the effect dies off, I am not noticing even a reasonable group of them sticking around.

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