Splashpress Media Business Card

Splashpress Media Business Card

Now I feel like part of the Splashpress Media family as I have my business cards all printed up and ready to hand out.

I ordered them from VistaPrint, and they did a good job of printing them at a reasonable quality, and getting to me super fast.

While I am not really a designer, Splashpress didn’t have a business card template set up, and so I went and made my own. Thankfully, they turned out better than I could have hoped.

Let me know what you think of my design. Hopefully, at some point, a real designer will take a stab at it and make something even nicer.

If you do get a Splashpress card off me, make sure you hold on to it because next time it will most likely be different. And we all know that my business cards should be collector items, right? (that was an attempt at humour…)