Guest Post on John Cow

So recently, John Cow decided to head off for a nice vacation, and opened up his blog for guest posts. I was really excited about the idea, since his blog has more traffic than my own.

I carefully constructed a post, that while outside his normal topic area, still would be of great interest to a wide variety of bloggers. I decided to talk about working for a blog network. This is something I know a little bit about having now worked for two relatively strong blog networks. Bloggy Network was smaller in personnel, but had some A-List sites in their stables. Splashpress Media is huge by comparison, both in number of sites and employees.

I assumed writing such a post would bring in a fair bit of traffic, and maybe some new subscribers, but what I quickly realized is that people read John Cow for its wit, and advice and I am a much more serious person. As such, his audience didn’t seem to latch on to the way I write, or the type of content I produce. The traffic increase wasn’t noticeable, nor was their any jump in my subscribers.

Does this mean I failed with my guest post? Well, not really. The post allowed me to increase my reach, my sphere of influence, and link back to this blog. All of which are great things for the long term development of this blog.

Would I do it again? Most likely, but not on John Cow’s blog. I would try to get a post on a blog that fit my own audience demographic a little better, which would hopefully create more of an interest in this blog and what I write here.

Originally posted on January 29, 2008 @ 7:54 am

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