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Blogging and Personal Life Considerations

I have written about this before on my personal blog, but it is something that continually comes up.

Blogging can be a freeing experience, fulfilling a need to express yourself, but what happens if you say too much? Where is the line between your private life, and your blogging life? What subject is too taboo to talk about?

My family has brought up how open I am on my personal blog, and I try to add in personal anecdotes on other blogs I write on, but I also realize that I have to be careful, and that just because I don’t mind telling the world what’s going on in my life, that doesn’t mean my family or friends want pieces of their lives published for public consumption.

This is something you have to take into consideration when posting about your personal life and the people in it. You should always ask for permission when it comes to mentioning them, or even better, don’t mention them at all if possible.

There are so many things I have wanted to post about interactions with my family and friends that I don’t post just out of consideration to those other people.

It is a fine line sometimes, but if you want to publish your personal life, just make sure that those involved agree and understand. No point in losing friendships over blogging.

Originally posted on July 26, 2007 @ 10:03 pm

Keeping a Publishing Schedule

One thing that many bloggers forget is to consistently add new content to their blogs. On many of the blogs I have written on, I try to keep putting out at least one post a day during weekdays, and take the weekends off.

I don’t always take the weekends off, and I don’t always post every weekday, but that is the exception rather than the rule.

A consistent posting schedule is powerful for many reasons.


People that subscribe to your blog only see new content, and thus their only draw to your site is the new items showing up in their feed readers, or e-mail inbox.

If your quality is high and they are interested in what you are doing, consistently posting will keep them subscribed, and long term subscribers can be difficult to attain in this day and age. I, myself, have unsubscribed from hundreds of blogs that haven’t continuously posted new content.

Search Engines

Fresh content makes search engines happy. That is, in part, why blogs do so well with Google’s search engine. Not only does the new content get indexed, but it makes the whole front page of your blog new and fresh.

Some people have said that Google keeps track of how often new content is added and uses that as part of its indexing schedule.

Overall Blog Growth

Every new piece of content has a chance to bring in new readers, entertain previous readers, and grow your blog.

When a blog doesn’t have new content over an extended period of time, I eventually remove it from my daily reading list, and unfortunately, I don’t return usually for a long time.


I can’t think of a single blogger who would say that keeping a manageable publishing schedule that people can rely on is a bad thing.

It doesn’t have to be every day, or even every weekday, but once you decide what schedule you are going to use, try to stick with it for the best results.

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The Perfect Method For Getting More Attention On Your Blog Content

At some point, you know that you have good, valuable content on your blog. The next step in financial or personal success is to try to get more attention in the form of traffic. There are a million different pieces of advice that you can follow for making this happen. But, you can generally figure out how to split it into a few categories.

So, if you’re trying to improve the visibility of your blog, start at three of the more traditional places. First of all, you have to know your audience. Connecting with your audience is the entire point of having a blog, but to create that connection, you have to first understand who they are. Secondly, dig as deep as you can into search engine optimization possibilities. Having great content is an excellent first step, but knowing how to arrange that content for better search engine visibility is also crucial to appropriate project management with your blog. 

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3 Ways To Improve Your New Business Website Before Going Live

If you’ve just started a new business, you’ve likely also just created a new business website to go with it. With so much business taking place online, a successful business needs to have a working website that consumers can visit to learn more about their company, make purchases, and contact them. But before you launch your new website, it’s crucial that you’ve covered all your bases and ensured that your site will function properly. To help you with this, here are three ways you should improve your new business website before having it go live.

Improve Your Site Speed

One of the most important factors for the user experience of your website is speed. If your visitors have to wait too long for your website to load for them, think about 3 seconds, they’ll navigate away and may not return. To see if your website is running fast enough, Lindsay Kolowich, a contributor to, recommends running site speed tests before your launch date. If your site isn’t running as quickly as you’d like, talk with your website designer about ways you can improve the speed prior to letting your website go live.

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3 Tips For Getting Some Buzz Around Your New Business Website Or Blog

Launching a new business website or blog today, where there’s already so much going on on the Internet, can seem like you’re not even a drop in the bucket. But when your livelihood is at stake, it’s your determination for success that can really make the difference for you in creating a website or blog that will bring your ultimate success.

However, no one can find this success with just their drive alone. To really carve out a space for your new business website amidst so many others, you’ve got to find some way to make a splash. 

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