How Using a VPN Service Can Boost Your Online Publishing Business

The world of online publishing is in a constant flux, with changes often happening more quickly than one can keep up. That’s not to say that an online publisher has no chance of making it – it’s just that you have to be constantly open to change and ready to adapt.

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One of the prevailing concerns that can hinder your online publishing business is privacy and/or security. We know that governments have been keeping tabs on online traffic, and whatever the nature of your content may be, who is to say that you are safe from prosecution? If this concern has been weighing heavily on your mind, then maybe it’s time you took a look at a workable solution that can free your time so that you can focus on the essence of your business: publishing.

Perhaps the most effective solution to this is getting a VPN service.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) can keep all your Internet activity secure from prying eyes – whether it be the government’s or some mischievous entity who wants to piggyback on your success. The idea is simple: you connect to the service so that all the data that you send and receive is encrypted, making sure that no one who is not supposed to see it gets access to your information.

Having said that, you can easily deduce that being free of snooping concerns can help you go about your business more efficiently.

You – and your team – can do all the Internet research you want (including highly sensitive material) without worrying that your activity might be tagged and might result in potential issues down the road.

The benefits of telecommuting/remote work have been proven over the years, and if you have a team of content providers based in different locations, having secure connections will also benefit your business. Any member of your team can work remotely and connect to your VPN service so that even though you may not be in the same secure premises, the data you transmit is still highly protected.

If your online publishing business deals with clients who may have sensitive information, you can also score points with them if you highlight the security measures that you have in place. This will not only increase their confidence in you, but it may even lead to more work and higher profits.

While you do have to pay for a VPN service, the benefits of having one will certainly pay off in the long run.

Ready to take the next step and look for a VPN service that will suit your needs best? Here’s a good resource highlighting the best vpn services 2014, which will point you in the right direction.

Originally posted on February 18, 2014 @ 8:00 am

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