Google All Set for its Online Shopping Service

Are you planning to start online business? Do you feel you can sell products on the internet better than putting up a physical store? Then this might be of great interest to you.

Adwords vs. adwords express

Google is at it again. This search giant will be launching its online shopping service very soon. Called Google Shopping Expresss, this will compete against Amazon Prime as well as other major e-commerce players such as Target, eBay Now, Get It Now and Best Buy.

For this new online shopping service, Google will be utilizing its Google Wallet and partner with shipping firm BufferBox. Bufferbox is a delivery service based in Canada.

Earlier reports have it that Google Express is aimed at providing users with a portal where they can search and find things to buy similar to Amazon and eBay. It will also offer a lower fee compared to Amazon Prime but as to subscription and partnership details, no information is yet available.

Google recently acquired BufferBox for $25 million and e-commerce firm Channel Intelligence for $125 million. The move makes the search engine giant a dominant figure in the online-to-offline retail market.

In a statement released to CBS News, Google expressed its continuing commitment to provide internet users with a “delightful shopping experience” and businesses regardless of size the opportunity to compete effectively.

Amazon Prime is the close competitor of Google Express. A subscription and delivery service powered by Amazon, it normally charges a yearly fee of $79 while Google is targeting a lower fee for its new e-commerce site.

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Originally posted on March 8, 2013 @ 11:45 pm

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