Server Woes Stealing My Energy

So, if you head on over to Blogging Pro, you might notice it is down. If it isn’t down, you are one of the lucky few that has actually been able to load the site over the last two or three days. At one point the site was down for upwards of eighteen hours. Talking to server guy and waiting for everything to get fixed made me bite my nails more than normal. This has also meant that I haven’t got much done lately.

I was able to install the great WP Super Cache on the site, but unfortunately, that didn’t seem to stop it from dying again.

Server issues are the most frustrating things, no matter where you are hosting your site and I hope you will all hold on as I continue to drive server guy nuts about getting everything running.

After we get this issue resolved, I am going to be redoubling my efforts to get Splashpress Media as optimized and as efficient as possible when it comes to our server and thus WordPress hosting environment.