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Business Enemies?

I think of myself as a pretty good guy and most people seem to tolerate me fairly well, but sometimes, no matter what I do, I seem to ruffle other people’s feathers. While, I don’t think this is one of those cases, I do find it interesting that Paul Scrivens, a man that I highly respect and dare I say, envy online, has listed Grand Effect, the network that I co-founded as one of his business related enemies.

Expert Idiot

I always secretly hope that a competitor to 9rules would stand up. With the new 9rules coming shortly there will be more defined targets for us to keep an eye on. Chawlk goes head-to-head with plenty of other sites and if we don’t do better than the competition we die. Grand Effect is very similar to 9rules and I like to monitor what is going on over there to see what we can steal or do better. That is why you want enemies and although I have no problem with David Peralty or Sarah Perez I am going to put their network on my enemy list. “Enemy” may be too strong of the word, but I hope you can understand where I am going with this.

I haven’t yet figured out if I should be excited, or worried, as Scrivs has always done well when he gets competitive. And the support team he has in 9rules with Mike Rundle (a talent set that Grand Effect could sorely use), and Tyme White (we could use a person like her as well) make Grand Effect look rather small. The flip side though is that Sarah, myself and the rest of the Grand Effect members are getting very excited over the attention we have been receiving from all the wonderful blogs that are taking interest in what we are trying to build.

Much like I thought 9rules original intentions were, we have decided to keep things small, leveraging the power of the group and helping members with things they don’t have time to become experts on, namely advertising and promotion.

I never saw Grand Effect as competition to any other network out there, as none of our membership belongs to a network and they are all self-established brands, but if Scrivs needs to have a business enemy to remain competitive, then I look forward to helping increase that competitive spirit to really see how far he can go, while still attending to the needs of the people around me.

Do we really need business enemies to remain competitive?

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Getting into Niches You Don’t Understand

Right now I am working on developing a blog in the Fashion niche called The “IT” Fashion. This isn’t something I am particularly familiar with, but one of my writers was interested in fashion, and so I want to help her focus on that passion and turn it into a blog. I am paying her a fair bit of money, and I don’t yet understand how I will promote it, monetize it or really make it great.

The issue is that I’ve never taken on too many blogs that were totally outside the gadget, geek mindset that I have. I am not fashionable, nor have I ever tried to be. I don’t even know colours, beyond the ones you learn as a child in school, but here I am trying to run a blog focusing on fashion.

For the most part, many of the things I have done before I will be repeating, except that I will be looking for things related to the topic at hand. Something like Digg probably wouldn’t work for promoting such stories, but maybe Sk*rt would be.

I won’t be signing up for geeky advertisements, instead looking at places where celebrity and fashion are more important as those are the new groups of people I am going to be trying to appeal to, and draw into the site.

Thankfully, I am not working on the content, as I know it would be dreadful, so I owe a lot to the wonderful writer I have working on the site. Thanks Michelle!

If you have any tips on promoting blogs outside your normal comfort zome, please let me know as transitioning from something I live each day, to building something that is like voodoo to me might just be one of the more difficult things I have done recently. Check out The IT Fashion if you want to watch my progress and are interested in the fashion world.

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Building New Blogs With New Writers

I have started working on building up two new blogs. I have tried to build a network of blogs before, but failed miserably. Read my post on my failed blog network to find out why. This time, I am going to take it really slowly and use everything I have learned over the last three years in hopes of making them a success.


One issue I have always had is that I pay my writers too much. While it might not be as much as I make currently, it is more per post than I made when I started, and when you work it out, they are making well over minimum wage for their time and effort currently.

Sure, it is nice to be able to pay writers, but the less I pay them now, the more likely I will be able to run these blogs long term, as they won’t cut too far into the money I need to make to pay my own bills. I am not rich by any stretch of the imagination, so I have to be careful how much I pay a writer, but balance that with the quality I will expect from the writer.

That means, I can’t expect pieces of art for pennies, but at the same time, I won’t be able to afford many pieces of art if the site is making nothing, and I am spending a lot.

Finding the balance is very difficult, but very important.


I don’t have much time in my days, as I spend most of my time working on Splashpress Media blogs. A fair bit of my day involves writing back and forth to people, and really helping connect them with the Splashpress brand. This doesn’t always leave much time for creative writing, promotion and other things that are needed in today’s market to make new blogs successful.

This is another reason I am taking things slow. Last time I created my own network of blogs, I wrote on all of them, I designed them all, I pretty much did everything, though with a little help from a friend of mine, Nick.

I tried to do too much too fast, and without any free time available, and that is another reason why I have failed in the past. Currently, I am only working on developing two new blogs that I won’t be writing on often. One of them is Solar Hype and the other is Tablet Watch. Two subjects that I am passionate about, and have found writers for.

I am going to build them up the best that I can, and then start fleshing out with a few more blogs. I want to stay in the black when it comes to the network’s profit, and I will be investing the money that eXtra for Every Publisher makes into these sites to start them off.

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8 Bloggers to Network With

I want to give a huge thanks to Steven Snell of Vandelay Design for including me in a recent post on Pure Blogging entitled “8 Bloggers That Won’t Bite”.

Networking is one of the things I tell everyone to focus on in this ever changing landscape of web publishing, and it is nice to know that people have noticed that I enjoy networking with others. When you work from home by yourself, any contact helps stop me from going crazy.

People listed on Pure Blogging include, Courtney Tuttle, Tay, Jon Phillips, David Culpepper, Adnan, Pearl, and Karen Zara.

A great list of people, some who I have talked to before, and others who I plan on networking with soon.

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My Splashpress Media Job Responsibilities

So you might have noticed that there was no post on Friday on this blog, and I have tried to make it a goal of mine to bring new content every weekday on this blog, but with my new duties at Splashpress Media, I have been working hard at getting integrated into their team, and that hasn’t left much time to do things around here. Don’t fear though, I still have lots of ideas, and will make sure to find the time to continue to share my experiences and knowledge.

Today, I wanted to talk about what my new duties will be at Splashpress Media to continue the transparency I am working on creating about my new job. The first thing some of you might have noticed is that I am the new Head of Marketing. This means I have a marketing budget which I have to organize and use effectively to promote the Splashpress brand, as well as the brands of each of the properties held by Splashpress.

This is a relatively new job for me, as I have only started learning promotion and marketing, but with all the resources online, I hope to learn quickly and do well at this new task.

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