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40 Web Tools Help You In 2019

Designers have an … anxious … relationship with the idea of using web tools. If you are not using them, how will you compete with other people that are using daily tens of great web tools — after all, creativity can still be applied but with more ease, as you let the software help with your other tasks?

Using the right tools will help you save time, focus on the more important tasks of your projects and in the end, be better.  Below you will find 39 web tools and services that cover the most popular fields: website, logo and landing page builders, website themes and much more.

WIX is an all-in-one, powerful website builder that is used by over 140 million users from over 190 countries. It is really the most complete solution on the market that you can use to build websites (including e-commerce website), create logos, buy domain names and do everything needed to grow your business. Start with a template (over 500 design templates included), build everything from scratch, or get a website made just for you with WIX ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence). Use 100s of design features to create any site you want and add professional tools to manage and grow your business online.

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Why You Should Be Careful What You Blog About

Blogging can be a fun thing to do, and for some people it’s all about business. For either of these people there really are etiquette tips you need to keep in mind. From watching what you talk about and the photos you post, to making sure that you are courteous to commenters no matter how annoying they are.

You will also find that a lot of these tips can be transferred to your social media and website, keeping your good reputation on all online places where you may be recognized as that blogger that writes about whatever it is you write about.

Don’t Offend People

If you’ve paid any attention to the television and the news lately you know that people seem to be even more easily offended these days, and offending people with your blog posts can cause you to lose readers, and business, if you aren’t careful. Continue reading

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How to Revive Your Outdated Blog in Two Easy Steps

Have you revisited your blog lately and saw an unexciting, lifeless site with old text-only content? It’s a common occurrence with blogs, business or personal, whose owners have neglected them and moved on to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If, for practical or sentimental reasons, you want to start again, here are X steps to giving your blog a makeover.

A blog that gets the attention of readers is one with an attractive design, a layout that’s easy on the eye, great unique content and spectacular images. Here are tips to achieve these features, revive your outdated blog and once again draw traffic to it. Continue reading

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4 must-have apps for roommates

Even the most basic apps available for smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices can make life more manageable. Gone are the days of grocery lists and strings around your fingers – today’s apps do all the organizing for you, so you can give your brain a well-deserved break.

Particularly if you share your home with roommates, keeping up with bill-paying and other tasks can be a hassle. If you want to get a handle on your household’s to-do list, consider the following apps: Continue reading

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How web design contests help you to find a design for your website

Choosing a website design can be very easy, but on the other hand, it can also be very difficult. Modern day website owners are more concerned with website design, rather than the contents they have. With multimedia screen effects, and lively video clippings, everyone is out there to get a better website design for their site.

There are few selected ways to choose a website design. One way is to hire a website design professional and get the website design created by the professional. The other way is to design your own website, which could again be very difficult, especially, if you do not know much about designs. The best way would be to go for a web design contest to choose a website design for your website.

Web design contest offers you a bucket full of designs. You can easily choose one, two or three, and even more designs for your website. There are endless opportunities for you to match various designs on the site, and then finally choose the best among the lot. Web design contest is also a little cheaper compared to other ways of designing a website. Consider the case, when you hire a web designer to design your website. You have to pay decent amount to get a single design, but with web design contest, you can get many website designs by paying only a small prize as a gift. Web design contest is indeed the best way to get web design for your site.

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