MySpace is Back with a Vengeance

Active social media users and entrepreneurs wanting to expand their online presence have a new place to go to. It’s the newly improved MySpace.

The long wait is over as the social network has been reborn with a new design and is now accepting new users by invitation. Initially, the new users are those who registered for a pre-launch invite. Also, it has a new url which is

Being a social site, members can definitely share status updates and photos. The photos are displayed in large size and comments are included below them.

According to site owners Tim and Chris Vanderhook, the new MySpace is not just a refurbished version as it was actually built from scratch. Its major attractions, they said, are the design and the music discovery element.

In terms of design, this newly reborn social network is now more visual, straightforward and easy to navigate. As for music, the Vanderhooks said they wanted to revolutionize the discovery and sharing of good music which was not yet fulfilled on the internet. Additionally, they wanted to provide artists with just one place where their fans can watch their videos and listen to their songs without having to visit different sites.

Music is a major element of the new MySpace which artists can take advantage of. Apart from creating their profiles and posting updates on the site, users notably the artists can share their music which fans can watch and listen. The site boasts of a large collection of songs around 42 million of them.

But of course, MySpace is not just exclusive for artists because anybody who loves music can join the site. So hop on and enjoy the new site!

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Originally posted on December 15, 2012 @ 7:52 am

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