More of Me Podcasting: TechCanuck Episode 14

James Cogan and I got together again to podcast, and this time we covered some great topics, including our recent attendance of the nextMEDIA conference.

Check out the TechCanuck podcast if you haven’t already.

Talking Points
a) The nextMEDIA 2007 conference has come and gone – what are our lasting impressions and take-aways from the 2-day event that took place in Toronto on November 27th.

b) Facebook backlash – It’s not just a select few bloggerati who are leaving Facebook, it appears there is a growing general discontent with all things Facebook. Advertisers are opting out, mothers are leaving, bloggers are leaving and most of the buzz that was once so positive has turned negative. Is this just a bump in the road – a little blip on the radar screen, or is this the beginning of the decline of Facebook?

c) Technorati has relaunched with a stronger emphasis on its core blogger audience. A change was needed, but is this enough to rescue its dwindling relevance? Additionally, is aggregation the new fad?

d) With the holiday season about to hit full swing, gadgets and video games will be high on most people’s list. What are going to be the hottest electronics being bought this year – what are we eyeing? Also, as an aside – let’s take a temperature of the video game market. How are the PS3, Wii and 360 doing?

Some interesting topics with James and I having very different opinions on certain information and issues popping up.