Over 200 Feed Readers

Around two weeks ago I had 183 RSS feed readers according to Feedburner, and I am proud to say that I have finally hit another milestone on this blog, and have over 200 RSS feed readers according to Feedburner. I want to take a quick second to thank everyone that has subscribed. I plan on putting up some amazing articles before this month is out, and I hope you will stick with me.

For all of you that have not subscribed yet, click on the big orange RSS logo over to the right, and get subscribed. If you don’t know what RSS is, or how to subscribe, I recommend filling out your e-mail in the form at the bottom of the right hand sidebar, and clicking subscribe. This will allow Feedburner to send you updates on this blog to your e-mail.

And just to make it clear: I will never distribute or sell any personal information that you submit to this site.