Grow Your Goals, Compound Your Success

In the same vein as a recent video blog by Darren Rowse, Stephen at Daily Blog Tips has posted about having blogging goals, and how that can pay in huge dividends later on.

He gives some expamples on how setting goals, and achieving them can reward you as a blogger. Here is one of the three examples he posts:

Example Three: Your blog earns you an average of $40 per month in advertising revenue. Your goal is to increase your earnings by 5% every quarter. If you succeed at this, your blog will generate about $50 per month after one year, about $60 per month after two years, and more than $70 per month after three. In that time, your blog will end up earning over $500 more than if your revenue had remained the same.

Honestly, with many blogs, you can shoot a little higher than what they have put in this example and most blogs have an exponential curve, which will help drive you to make higher, better, more interesting goals. My goal for this site, this month, was to get to 10,000 unique visitors, and at the half way point, I only need another twelve hundred more unique visitors, and I have reached that goal.

It is amazing how goals breed success. Give it a try, and you might be surprised at the rewards.