Commenter Appreciation Project

While on the most recent episode of the podcast with Jeff of Jeffro2pt0, he mentioned a site called the Reader Appreciation Project, and the great posts on the site made me think about my own systems for appreciating readers, and I came to a simple conclusion for

Once a month, I am going to pick two people that have commented on this blog, and feature their site. Not only am I going to link to them, and talk about why I chose them, but I am also going to follow their link and talk about their site. It could be another blog like this one. It could be totally unrelated, but I believe that someone that takes the time to comment on a blog deserves some sort of pat on the back, and I hope by featuring not only the URL of the people that comment, but going beyond that to the site they have, I can foster a community here, and hopefully, introduce you all to some amazing products, services and blogs.

I will be doing my first Commenter Appreciation post tomorrow. So if you haven’t commented on before. Now would be a good time, as it could mean getting your site critiqued or featured.