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5 Questions Every Blogger Should Ask Before Allowing Guest Posts

We are obviously brilliant writers, but sometimes we want to give our genius a rest. We know it’s a sad day for everyone when our blog takes a day off, but sometimes it can be so difficult to think of a new, fresh topic; especially if the blog is part of a small and specific niche. Have you ever tried to use an article you have written in the past to come up with a good blog post? Whether it be for your own blog or someone else’s blog, this can be extremely difficult. You look at the article and think: This is the absolute best article I could have written on this topic. Some may say this is the mark of a bad writer because they cannot find a different angle, but I say this is the mark of a good writer—you did it right the first time. Nonetheless, you are left with a feeling of frustration. In other words, I have found that the older and more popular your blog gets the harder it is to bring yourself to sit down and write. When put in those terms, it’s actually a little bit sad!

This led me to wonder: When is it too early to accept guest posts? Sometimes the best thing for your blog is a new perspective. Many well-known blogs started out as a one person operation (ever heard of Mashable?) and gradually grew to a blog full of guest writers. If you’re considering factoring in guest posts to your blog routine, but are unsure whether or not this is the right move, consider a few of these questions and answers:

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Originally posted on December 7, 2011 @ 11:07 am