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Godaddy Called Me

Recently, I was called by Godaddy. They wanted to see how I was doing, if I had any questions or concerns, and ask what I was using my domains for.

The Happy Feeling

My initial reaction was a positive one. Being contacted by a big company to see how I am doing is nice. Asking me what I am up to and if there was anything I needed was also very nice.

Of course the conversation didn’t end there.

The Upsell

After asking how I was doing, the gentleman from Godaddy let me know about all sorts of value added services that I could take advantage of for one nominal fee or another.

Naturally, I wasn’t very interested at this point, and it sort of tainted the phone call, changing it from a friendly connection into a sales call.

The Conclusion

I would have loved to have been given some free product or an ultra discount.

I didn’t find the sales call to be very high pressure which was very nice for someone like me, as I really hate the strong sales tactics that some businesses do.

Overall, I was left with a positive feeling. Godaddy didn’t have to reach out and contact me. I do business with at least four other domain registrars and none of them have contacted me for any purpose.

Also, being able to give feedback on a service to a human is something that is becoming an increasing rarity in our world today, and so I valued the opportunity.

Customer support is more and more important as we see and truly interact with less and less people every day and that is why, despite the sales angle of the second half of the conversation, I am still awarding a +1 to Godaddy today.

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Originally posted on August 26, 2008 @ 1:14 pm