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Are You Using the Wrong Type of Landing Page for Your Site?


The website is the most powerful and valuable asset your online business has. Out of all the web pages on your site, the landing pages are the most important. They are the ones that will be capturing leads and driving the conversions that generate your company profits.

A landing page is where a potential customer lands on after clicking on a link seen in an advertisement, a promotional post, or a blog entry. You may use your company’s homepage as a landing page. You may also have dedicated landing pages for different products or offers.

How the landing page is designed and optimized plays a major role in how effective it is. It is equally important to note that there are different types of landing pages. The kind of landing page to use will depend on the purpose of your landing page.

For example, are you using a dedicated landing page to get email subscribers, promote a product, or get user feedback? A single template will not suit all three of these vastly different kinds of needs. If you use the wrong template, the landing page will not be as successful. Read ahead to find out the types of landing pages available and which type suits your needs the best:

Minisite Landing Pages

Is the main purpose of your landing page to drive conversions? Then you need to use a minisite web template. A minisite, as the name suggests, is a stripped-down version of a regular homepage intended to prompt visitors to become customers.

A minisite template allows you to capture the attention of visitors with a prominent headline. Unlike most landing pages, which tend to be minimalist, minisite themes have components to show off advantages, summaries, and social proof. This type of web layout is best suited for realtors, law firms, medical services, and similar businesses that need to build trust with visitors immediately.

A potential caveat of minisite landing pages is that some themes have many components and therefore load slowly. Your landing pages need to be easy to navigate and lightning fast. So, take your time to find a speedy and appealing theme for your minisite landing page.

Launch Landing Pages

This type of landing page is specifically designed to announce product launches. There’s a distinct advantage in dedicating a landing page to product launches instead of announcing them on your homepage. A product launch landing page is specifically optimized to collect emails of interested users, and perhaps even to increase preorders.
Unlike other types of landing pages, product launch pages are short and very pointed. The copy on these landing pages is clear, concise, and all about the upcoming product. This level of focus is necessary to entice visitors and to get the public buzzing about the next release.

Contest Landing Pages

Creating a landing page for a contest, where a customer is asked to perform an action in return for something, is tough. If your contest pages have been unsuccessful in the past, it is most likely because you used the wrong type of landing page. Contest landing pages are designed to compel users to take an action.

Contest landing pages are very short and have strong call-to-action buttons. They are optimized to drive users to give their emails, home addresses, or something similar before entering a contest to win something. These landing pages also prominently highlight special promotions your business is offering.

Not all landing pages work the same. For example, if you use a minisite landing page layout to promote a contest, your conversion rates will be significantly smaller. If you want the landing page to be as useful as intended, you need to employ the right type of landing page as mentioned above.

Originally posted on September 29, 2016 @ 10:43 pm