5 Topic Ideas For Bloggers

If you are a blogger, content creator, or writer of any sort, you have surely experienced times where you have trouble coming up with topic ideas for new blogs or content. Even though there are so many possible topic ideas out there, some may feel like they have been done way too much already, or others may be things you don’t know enough about to be comfortable blogging about. 

You probably are fully capable of coming up with great topic ideas on your own, but for those times when it’s a little more difficult to get inspired, here are 5 topic ideas for bloggers.


Although there are thousands of travel blogs, diaries, and Instagram accounts out there already, there’s always room for more because it is such a popular topic and people are always looking for a new twist on it. Just find your own niche within the more broad topic of travel. For example, if you are great at traveling on a budget, you can highlight all of the ways you save money. If you love road trips, write about all of your favorite gas stations, rest stops, or roadside attractions to stop at. If you are at retirement age, you can write about the best places for retired people to travel to. Many people love to read about travel and are always looking for new content, so you’ll always have some built-in readership if you choose to write about this topic. 


Food and drinks are also very popular blogging topics, and that is because everyone in the world eats! People are always looking for new recipes, restaurants, bars, or pop-ups. If you have something special to bring to the table such as an old family recipe, one you made up yourself, or a small dive with amazing food that isn’t known very well, write about it! Again, being as specific as possible instead of just writing broadly about food is best because that way your blogs won’t get lost in the sea of other similar ones. 


Beauty bloggers and Youtubers are some of the most successful out there right now, because so many people are interested in beauty tips, tricks, and products, and the industry is always changing. Now is a great time to get into writing about beauty because you’ll have so much readership right off the bat. As with anything else, it’s smart to write about what you know. If you’re over 40, for example, try blogging about beauty tips for people over 40. Find your subtopic and don’t stray too far from it.

Blogging is interesting, easy, and a great way to make a little extra money. Don’t worry if you sometimes have problems coming up with topic ideas, it happens to everyone from time to time! Just have fun with it and try writing about the topics above. 

Originally posted on June 6, 2021 @ 5:03 pm