Upgrade to WordPress 2.5.1 but 2.5.2 Will Be Out Soon

WordPress 2.5.1 was released today and normally, I would be writing about this sort of thing on Blogging Pro, but the site has been down all day.

The new release includes some bug fixes, and a major security update. Here are some highlights:

  • Performance improvements for the Dashboard, Write Post, and Edit Comments pages.
  • Better performance for those who have many categories
  • Media Uploader fixes
  • An upgrade to TinyMCE 3.0.7
  • Widget Administration fixes
  • Various usability improvements
  • Layout fixes for IE

Usually, this is where I tell everyone that has held off on upgrading from WordPress 2.3.3 to go ahead, but you might just want to wait a bit longer as I just got a message on Twitter from Mark Jaquith regarding the WordPress 2.5.1 release. He says, and I quote:

2.5.2 will probably be out before too long (password resetting was broken by 2.5.1 — doh).

So before you go run off and upgrade to 2.5.1 to protect yourself from whatever the security issue of the week is, understand that in a short amount of time, you might be upgrading to WordPress 2.5.2 so that password resetting works correctly once again.

When a simple thing like password resetting breaks, it definitely makes me worried about the attention to detail the team is currently having. Maybe only two releases should be done a year, in six month cycles, also allowing for what will hopefully be more bug fix, security check time of each release before putting it out in the wild.

This definitely makes me even more adamant about moving to an environment where I can run Subversion to update all of my WordPress blogs. Are you getting tired of upgrading? How will you feel if you have to upgrade to WordPress 2.5.2 in a week?

Originally posted on April 25, 2008 @ 11:00 pm

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