Traffic from the Inner Bowels of b5media

So it seems someone has linked to this site from the secret forums for b5media’s bloggers. I don’t know if they are saying good things or bad things about me or this site, but it is interesting to see a small trickle of traffic coming from there.

I have always been a curious person, and I really dislike when there are walls blocking my way, either from being part of a community, or seeing what people are saying about me.

So if you are from the b5media forums, and saw the link to this site, can you let me know what is being said about this blog? Does someone think this is all drivel? I’d be interested to get feedback.

For those of you that don’t know, b5media is a blog network with hundreds of blogs, and hundreds of bloggers. They recently recruited a good friend of mine Tris Hussey.

Update: Looks like they are looking at my 15 Amazing Women in Blogging post. It has gotten a fair bit of attention both negative and positive. b5media has some amazing women in their team, both on and off my little, incomplete list.

I want to mention again that the list was supposed to be a positive thing. I am not sexist, nor do I think women are any less amazing than men at blogging. The point of the post was to highlight a few great women, in hopes of raising awareness for a friend of mine, who was annoyed that Mark’s Top 100 list was dominated by men.

11 thoughts on “Traffic from the Inner Bowels of b5media

  1. Jeremy Wright

    A bunch of b5’ers read this blog, and it’s come up in the forums before, so you shouldn’t be surprised to see occasional traffic!

    As far as the commentary, it’s completely positive internally. I saw you getting some flack in the comments of your post, but I think it kinda comes with the territory of doing a “top X” list. Enjoy the traffic, participate in the comments, and have a great Christmas!

  2. Kelly

    As a female blogger at b5 who is completely pouting that I didn’t make the list (I kid! I kid!), I will own up to having posted it on the forum. And it’s all good. Two of the fifteen on the list are in the business channel at b5 – and I’m the Channel Editor. So, I felt like bragging! 🙂

    But I’m all grossed out by Jeremy and Darren talking about bowels…

  3. Jennifer

    I liked your list a lot and I only saw it because Kelly posted it at the forums — so that was a good thing. Nothing bad, no hollering in the forums. Forum bowel talk is limited though. Thankfully.

  4. Susan Gunelius

    David, I wouldn’t have seen this post had it not been for Kelly’s post on the b5 forums. I’m happy I did, because I wrote about it on my personal blog that’s meant for women working in the field of business(! These 15 women are inspiring. Thanks for recognizing them!

  5. Gayla McCord

    I wouldn’t have seen it without Kelly’s post either. I’m sure glad there are people who keep me posted of things like this.

    Great list! Lots of my favorite women on there who deserve a little limelight!

  6. Shai Coggins

    LOL on fellow on my fellow b5ers’ post here.

    But yeah, it was mostly about that list. Kelly (b5 blogger and Business Channel Editor) shared it at the forums.

    Thanks again for all your interest in b5. 🙂

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